Facebook Marketplace Jobs – Facebook Jobs Posting

Today I am going to discuss with you, Facebook marketplace jobs? Have you noticed facebook giving jobs or applying for jobs on facebook marketplace? What do you really know about the topic above? This article is just trying to inform me and you, which is us that you can get a job on Facebook. You don’t need to carry your university certificates results to any company for the job requirement.

Facebook Marketplace Jobs - Facebook Jobs Posting

One thing is sure in searching for jobs, after going to interviews and you have shown them your qualifications, they might not even give you the job. All they keep telling you is to come back after some months or they will tell you that they are going to send you an email to resume for the job. You can easily apply for jobs on the Facebook marketplace. And to apply for jobs on facebook you have to be a member of the platform. Which will qualify you to access the platform?

How Do I Find and Apply for Jobs on The Facebook Marketplace

You may want to ask if there are jobs on the marketplace on facebook, yes but the job is not owned by Facebook. These are jobs posted by companies or individuals in the marketplace. So that when someone accesses the Facebook marketplace, he or she will see the job vacancy post and they can apply to buy clicking the apply or apply now button on it. But first, you have to access your marketplace page before you can access find a job in the marketplace.

The only way you can see or find the marketplace tab on your facebook account is on the left column of your Facebook home page. And if in case you can’t find the marketplace tab, that means you can’t access the marketplace page. Because the marketplace is not made available to everybody or countries. In the absence of the Facebook marketplace, there is a way you can also find or search for jobs on Facebook apart from the marketplace.

Like I said you can look for jobs on facebook if you can’t find the marketplace on your facebook. What you should do is to log into your account if you have one. Or create a new account on facebook if you don’t have an account, which I am going to show you a letter after this article. To start with, scroll down and click on “see more” on the left-hand side of your Facebook home page or news feed page.

After clicking see more, look down and tab the jobs button below. There you will be able to see all kinds of jobs, categories, location, and types of jobs. Click on apply now when you found the one that interests you. Now let move over to how you can be a member of the Facebook platform in other to access the marketplace and to apply for jobs on Facebook.

How Can I Create a Facebook Account?

Here is the last part of the
article which is signing up on facebook. Here is the step to enable you to
create your Facebook account.

  • Go to www.facebook.com
    on your web browser.
  • Then enter the following step on the no-screen
  • Lastly, to complete the step, click on the
    sign-up button and your account will be signed up on facebook.

These are the steps to create your facebook account and it is easy and very fast.

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