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This article is about the Facebook games app and Facaebook games free to play. If you are a game lover, then this article will interest you. Its no longer a news that mobile gaming has taken over the gaming industry, as millions of people now finds it convinient playing their games on the go. Facebook as an all encompassing social media app has joined the race as one of the platforms that provides instant gaming experience to Facebook users via the gameroom feature. Hence, in this article, i will be introducing you to the Facebook games app and how to play your favourite games on Facebook. Are you ready for this knowledge? if yes, then lets get started.

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Facebook games app has always been top of the chat on users mind with the numbers of interesting games been offered to gamers. Most time the software also render as the Facebook Gameroom. Whereby allowing users to access the Facebook games right for the PC or Laptop. It more entertaining for youngsters who love the excitement and the adrenaline of playing games. To be able to access action games for free, here are few outlines on where to access games.

How to Access Facebook games app on Gameroom

As mention above, Facebook Gameroom provides a lot of games on different genres. The process allows you to install the software on your devices so as to access games on Facebook. Therefore to install the software requires windows version of 7/8/10 to perform this processes.

  • Go to the website www.facebook.com/gameroom to install the app on the device.
  • Then click on the green install icon to allow the set up to operate on your device.
  • After you can click the install icon at the left bottom of the screen click on the pointed arrow once it finishes installing.

Finally, you can start accessing different games to play by hitting the “play now” icon. Note that it doesn’t apply to Mac or Linux. But another way you can play games on it is by accessing your Facebook account. Then at the left-hand menu under the explore section click game. After that, you click instant play now and ensure you don’t click play on Gameroom if you on Mac or Linux.

How to Access Facebook Games App on Messenger

The messenger app is another important factor you need to consider because it also provides you with amazing games. With the Android or iOS devices, you can also play Facebook games without the use of the computer for your own convenience. The Gameroom doesn’t operate on smartphones all you need is to install the messenger app on your Android or iOS devices.

Therefore to install you need to visit the play store or apple store and search for the app to get the link on installing the app. After the installation, you can then enter your login details and navigate the game icon below. Select the type of app you want to play and then click the “play now” icon. Note that if you already have the messenger app ensure it update to have the game icon.

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